About Elite Line Haul

Driving efficiency through partnerships

Elite Line Haul is the expert in distribution and transportation, working closely with commercial clients to find the most cost-effective solution, personalised solution to meet their individual requirements. In constantly striving to exceed our own standards, we continue to set the bar higher for ourselves and push the boundaries of service excellence.

Our B-BBEE Status

Our people are our most valuable asset – the true ambassadors of Elite Line Haul. Broad-based Black Economic Empowerment (B-BBEE) is a strategic imperative for Elite. Elite Line Haul is 83.8% black owned and we are B-BBEE Level 2, therefore providing our clients with 110% preferential procurement recognition.

Our Sustainability Commitment

When you spend as much time on the road as we do, you learn to see the environment from a different perspective. Driven by the need to protect and preserve, we've set high sustainability targets for ourselves in terms of greening our supply chain. We are continuously leading the way and setting a new course in implementing “green transportation” approaches and best practices, and driving efficiency through partnerships with various leaders in the field of technology.

The Elite Difference

Efficient, safe, swift, punctual and quality service
Highly adaptable reliable and professional at all times
Established transporter with a reputable reputation
Excellent long-standing relationships with clients
State-of-the-art vehicle tracking and safety guaranteed
Advanced operational management tools (24/7/365)
National footprint that spans the borders of South Africa
Highly cost-effective competitive service rates

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