Tracking and Monitoring

There are numerous risks involved in the long distance transporting of goods, and proper risk management is therefore crucial for ensuring a job well done. Combining highly trained manpower and cutting edge technology, Elite Line Haul goes the extra mile to ensure that all freight is delivered on time and intact.

Our state-of-the-art vehicle tracking and trip management software allows us to effectively monitor and control our fleet across South Africa, tracking the movement of every Elite truck, its driver and its cargo. This is how we ensure that every delivery reaches its intended destination without any bumps in the road, and that our clients have complete peace of mind that their cargo is in good, capable hands.

Every vehicle in the Elite fleet is under the strict 24-hour surveillance of our dedicated controllers, who monitor the following exceptions:

  • No-go zones
  • Panic buttons
  • Control box tamper
  • Speeding
  • Stopping and starting
  • Route – vehicle progress location and compliance

Our enduring safety record is built on expert monitoring, and the conduct of professional and experienced drivers. For more information on the experts behind the steering wheels of the Elite fleet, visit our Elite Drivers page.

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